We all have bacteria in our mouth. With the help of the immune defence system within the salvia those bacteria are kept under control. In the shielded areas of the oral cavity, as well as in plaque and in gingival pockets, the number of bacteria increases fast. In those areas the defence system can be overstrained and that, in return, leads to gum bleeding, also called gingivitis. Then the gingiva is irritated and will lose volume. Those bacteria and poisons end up in the blood circuit and bring forth physical and systematic damage. Diabetes, cardiac, lung and renal problems, body growth, the growth of an unborn baby and more can be impaired or triggered by that process. Within the mouth the jawbone is the biggest problem since its perfusion is very low and therefore the body does not manage to remove trespassed bacteria without bone loss. In the worst case the jawbone declines and is destroyed. Teeth become „longer“, gum recedes, teeth become loose and even can fall out! This inflammatory dissolution of the jawbone is called parodontitis.
Dental cleaning removes plaque and reduces bacteria. If there are deep gingival pockets or the dissolution of the jawbone has already started, a treatment of the gum, called PA-treatment, becomes necessary. With local anaesthesia the gingival pockets are cleaned and the surfaces smoothened.
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